Into the Minds of the Top Blackjack Winners

The difference between the blackjack losers and the top blackjack winners is mainly in their manner of thinking. Everything really boils down to the thought processes of the gamblers. This is how everything starts and eventually manifests in the world; gambling is nothing special.

When it comes to gambling, there are a lot at stake. The stakes or the antes that are wagered will typically vary with each hand. When players are confident or when they feel lucky, they may wager a lot; conversely, when players don’t like their chances, they may just bet a house minimum.

The strategies of the top blackjack winners really differ from the strategies of the losers and the average gamblers. Studying these sometimes minute and often great differences will allow average players to turn themselves into top winners. Also you can play pontoon - blackjack game, which is a variation of Spanish 21, played often in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. So, let’s learn some general tips.

A table where a dealer just finished shuffling is the usual target for the typical player. The typical player with a superficial knowledge of blackjack will usually choose to sit at first base or the first seat. This position, he believes, will allow him to have a good chance of getting aces. The top players and winners however know that while this may be true, the first base also has the disadvantage of having a lot of 5s in the beginning and that all seats will actually wind up with the same chances after the first couple of games.

The following are some of the scenarios that usually play out at a typical game of blackjack: A typical player with a hand of 16 against a 7 up will usually stay. This he believes will allow him to get the better chance since he only has a 7 up and there could be a lot of chances for a loss. The winner however thinks along the lines of aggressiveness. The winner knows that with a 7 the dealer has a one in four chances of busting. If the dealer decides to hit and catches a face card, the dealer’s hand can still be beaten with just a deuce; so the winning player will naturally hit.

Another thing that really differentiates great winning players and losing players is the decision to leave a table prematurely. When a typical blackjack player loses a couple of hands to a player at the third base or second base, especially with a six card 21 or some similar hand with small numbers, the typical player will think that he is against a nuisance player or a lucky player and decide to quit while he is ahead. The winning player will however realize that many small cards have been dealt which means that the 10s and aces are not far behind. In this scenario, the winning player will keep on playing at the table.

The scenarios presented are really some of the common scenarios that are present at any blackjack table in any casino at any part of the world. Most of the players are “typical” players and only a fraction of the players have the winning mentality of the top blackjack winners.

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