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Speaking about Blackjack card games you can hardly forget such one as Pontoon. In general - pontoon is a British version of all-over-the-world popular Blackjack game. Pontoon's name and the game itself derives from the French Vingt-et-un, which is translated as "twenty-one" - one more name for Blackjack.


You can play pontoon by any number of players in Redbet Casino starting from two. Actually you will have maximum pleasure when the number of players ranges from 5 to 8. Still, if there are more than eight players, you can always mix two card packs together. Also you need a supply of money or some chips for betting.First of all let's deal with the terms, because they differ a little from the original; and don't forget about card counting section to be read - it will help you to master Pontoon:

Twist is identical to Hit

Stick goes for Stand

Buy is an equivalent to Double Down

Pontoon is in fact Blackjack

So we have dealt with the terms, but if something is still incomprehensible - see blackjack glossary section where you can deal with words that seem strange to you. Now we can get to the rules closely.


Like in normal blackjack rules, the aim of the game is to reach 21 points without busting. Besides a pair of tricks exist by which Pontoon can be recognized:

  • A "5 Card Trick" - when a player finishes with 5 cards not going over a 21 - he gets a 5 card trick. It is beaten by a "Pontoon" but it beats three- or four-carded 21, even when it doesn't reach 21 itself.
  • Three- or four-carded 21 - they win over any kinds of combinations except "5 Card Trick" and "Pontoon".
  • "I'll buy one" - means that the player doubles his initial wager twice, and gets one more card from the dealer. Player may continue buying until getting 5 cards or going over 21.
  • "Twist me one" means that dealer gives a player one more card not affecting his bet. May be used until getting 5 cards or busting.
  • One 52-card deck is used to play, but in a lot of cases casinos decide themselves how many decks to use. Anyway, the more decks are used, the more chance of getting a "5 Card Trick" is. Therefore, it's more proficient to the player.
  • Banker always wins a tie.
  • Player is allowed to twist after a Buy.
  • Any 10-valued cards may be split.
  • Dealer hits on soft 17s.


  • The Pontoon and a 5 card trick in a player's hand are paid 2:1.
  • All other hands pay even money.


Always specify the rules before the game, because different casinos may use different pontoon variations. This will help to choose the perfect strategy.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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