Atlantic City Blackjack - Basis and Principles

Atlantic City Blackjack has the widest popularity among blackjack card games in USA and far outside. It's very exciting card game which is mostly well-known among the lovers of sharp gambling. Till the last time it could hardly be found in online casino - may be because they were not as popular as they are nowadays. Anyway, now Internet has spread widely and a lot of people got an opportunity to play this wonderful blackjack variation online without going to Atlantic City, as this blackjack kind takes his root right there - local casinos had it in their store for already a long period of time.


When speaking about Atlantic City Blackjack gamblers will not inform you with something special - just one more very successful variation of already familiar and popular game. It has its strong and weak sides, is often valued by professional gamblers because always gives both excitement and a good training for a player.

Many people who played Atlantic City tell that it's quite real to be won in, and also in case of absence of skills and knowledge it's quite easy to be lost.

In any case, there are some peculiarities in this kind of game which should be met with in order not to get into trouble and lose your money. It's preferable for novices to look into blackjack glossary first to avoid misunderstanding.


  • The game is played with 8 decks of cards.
  • In case of a push the player neither wins nor loses anything, everybody keeps his money. This rule is applied to both hands including when both player and dealer have Blackjacks.
  • Aces may be split only once. Other kinds of cards of all values may be split twice, resulting in three hands.
  • It is allowed to double down after splitting. Doubling down is allowed on any hand of 2 cards.
  • Insurance is taken when dealer shows an Ace. If insurance is taken dealer's hand is checked for Blackjack. If there is no Blackjack in such a case the player's insurance bet is lost and the game goes on.
  • The option of late surrender is allowed.


  • If a player wins with a blackjack, the payout is 2:1.

All other kinds of payouts are made in general order.


Atlantic City is a good choice for those who would like to sharpen their skills and to have fun simultaneously, and is also quite acceptable for novices who are only opening for themselves a wonderful world of excitement in card games. It's worth getting acquainted with our blackjack tips, which make Atlantic City much easier to play.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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