Multi Hand Blackjack - How to Play

A very popular and famous in many land -based and online casinos is Multi Hand Blackjack, which can be quite frequently met everywhere. This version is popular because player may use up to 5 hands when playing, and this may result both negatively or positively, because when played on several hands game frequently gives out absolutely unpredictable results.


In a lot of cases players respond that they like Multi Hand because of its variety, and that often Multi Hand blackjack is a result of seeking out something new instead of boring one-hand classics. Someone likes it because they say that if you get luck you get it fully on all of your hands and when you don't you can always win your money back on some of the other hands, and that's why it's worth playing - you can always win on some hand.

It may be true, especially for experienced players whoalways manage somehow to make a really strong hand even in difficult situations.

Novices are strongly advised to learn strategies and main features of classical blackjack before placing themselves in front of a dealer in Multi Hand. It does not mean that it's a way more complicated and difficult to understand, but the basic strategies used in a classical version learn brains to think over future operations deeply and thoroughly, and that will go as a habit and in multi-hand version will act automatically. For example, casinos online are quite acceptable training if you want to have one. Let's see the rules of Multi Hand Blackjack.


  • The number of decks used in game is 5. Decks are standard, 52 cards each.
  • Dealer always stands on all 17s no matter if they are "soft" or "hard"
  • Double down allowed on 9, 10, 11 only - no doubling down on hand totaling 8 or less.
  • No doubling or re-splitting allowed on split cards.
  • No surrender allowed.
  • Draw is allowed on split Aces.
  • No "peek" allowed: dealer cannot check for Blackjack until the end of the hand.
  • At the end of hand insurance is allowed. In case of dealer's Blackjack full initial player's bet is lost.
  • Up to five hands may be played by a single player.

All the other rules are same as in classical variation of blackjack rules.


The payouts in Multi Hand Blackjack are same as if it was a basic version.


Knowing on how to manage with a several-handed game comes with time and will surprise a keen gambler by how his thoughts and game style change into a better manner, become more exact and foreseeing.

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