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The game of Blackjack is a serious player in the world of gambling. Its popularity has even seen it rise into the world of cinema with popular movies such as 21 (2008) and Rain Man (1988) showing how the game can be beaten by the skills of the player.

The introduction of the online casino in the early 1990s created a deluge of derivatives of this timeless classic. One of these babies of blackjack for those who play Maria casino is Blackjack Switch and it is an exciting alternative to those who love to play the game of 21.

As you would suspect from the title, the major rule change in this form of Blackjack is the ability to switch cards. To this end you are always playing two hands per round. The dealer will deal to the two hands, as in standard Blackjack, and you then have the choice of switching the second hands dealt to make better hands.

This seems like a wonderful variation on a theme, but there is a catch. To make sure the edge remains in favour of the house, a dealer 22 pushes against all non busted hands, and your Blackjacks only pay even money. If the dealer hits Blackjack then you lose automatically except on the occasion you also have Blackjack, in which case the hand is declared a push. If a player does have Blackjack it will still beat a dealer holding 22.

With the exception of these rules everything else pretty much remains the same. You can still split any two cards, insurance is still offered and doubling down carries the same risks and rewards. As you would expect there is a mathematically proficient way to play each set of hole cards in Blackjack Switch, so you would be smart to do a bit of Internet surfing to find the Basic Blackjack Switch Strategy before you sit down to enjoy the game.

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