Chinese Blackjack - Facts, Principles, Features

And at last here we go with the most interesting and cunning Blackjack version - Chinese Blackjack. First of all it's preferable to read basic blackjack rules, because player should feel a tremendous difference between traditional blackjack and the Asian version of it. Also it is named ban-luck, or Hokkien or Campung. Generally it is played on the Chinese New Year, because it is believed that New Year brings new fresh luck and Chinese Blackjack is good to be played on it.


It is a very exotic game and rarely can be found in casinos, because it not as popular as European Blackjack or Atlantic City, for example. Still it is worth being written about because the game itself is very interesting and cunning.


In Chinese Blackjack rules are quite specific. Also it is useful to mention that standard blackjack tips don't work in this game.

First: all players are dealt two cards facing down. The values of cards are as following:

K, Q, and J are valued by 10 points

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are valued by their own number

If player has TWO cards Ace is valued as 10 or 11

If player has THREE cards Ace is valued as 1 or 11

If player has 5 or more cards Ace is valued as 1.

There are definite unique combinations which are checked by the players once they have been dealt cards:

Ban-Ban - means that player has 2 Aces

Ban-Luck - means the player has Ace and any 10-valued card

Free hand - hand totaling 15 points

Pairs - a pair of cards of same value

Also there are special rules for the dealer. He can choose whether to hit or to stand even if he has more than 17 or he can check any player's card and only then hit.


The payouts corresponding to the combinations are as following:

Ban-Ban is paid 3:1 except when dealer has Ban-Ban too. Such tie is paid in even money to the player 1:1. In case dealer has Ban-Ban he wins immediately the player's bet tripled.

Ban-luck is paid 2:1 of his initial bet unless dealer has Ban-Ban, which beats Ban-Luck. Ban-luck wins over all other hands except Ban-Ban.

Free hand chooses whether to stay in the game or to leave it. It's called an Escape hand. In case dealer has a free hand he may also choose whether to leave the game or not. If leaving is chosen the cards are collected and reshuffled.

In case of a Pair the player is paid 2:1 of his initial bet.

After checking for all combinations player may choose - hit or stand.

A 5-card hand not totaling over 21 is called a 5-Dragon and is paid 2:1.

In case of 21 he is paid 3:1.

If dealer after hitting has a 5-Dragon he wins each player's bet doubled and if he has 21 he wins player's bets tripled.


Chinese Blackjack is quite an interesting game to play and to mix things a bit if standard blackjack has bored you.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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