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Thus, in this section we shall examine basic or so-called classical rules of blackjack. The first thing that should be mentioned is that those rules are really short and simple and all blackjack card games kinds and variations are based only on them. In other words, a person who knows basic blackjack rules will not encounter any difficulties concerning its variations - just because there is no principal difference from the original in any of them. So let's begin:

Initial part

8 decks are usually used to play blackjack. At the beginning of each round a dealer gives each player a card and puts one card for himself. All the bets are made beforehand. The cards are dealt face down. The players may have a look at their cards, but the dealer cannot. Then the dealer gives one more card to each of the players and puts one card for himself, but this time his card goes face up so that everyone can see it.

The initial part of the game is over. Everyone has got two cards and here real excitement and calculating starts, which is put into several simple questions: what is the second dealer's card, what cards have left the game and what is your own chance of getting the necessary card? Here we can make several tactical moves:


HIT: It means that one more card is taken from the dealer. Each player may hit as many times as he wants until necessary score is reached

STAND: Means that the player is quite satisfied with his score, no more cards for him needed

DOUBLE DOWN: Means that the player doubles his primary bet, and after that he may take only one more card from the dealer, not depending if the player is satisfied with his score or not.

SPLIT: Only once available - if a player has two same cards - he may split them and play on two hands independently (the amount of money is doubled automatically - one primary bet for each hand)

SURRENDER: If a player doesn't like his cards at all and considers them to be quite awful, he may surrender and take half of his bet back

Then the dealer's turn comes. He sees his second card (which was dealt face down) and makes a decision - to stand or to hit. In basic variation dealer HAS to hit if his score is 16 or less and HAS to stand on all 17s or higher. Let's get acquainted with score counting a bit:

ACE is counted as 1 or 11 (optionally)

FACE CARDS and 10s are counted as 10

OTHER cards are counted by their value


After the player and the dealer have done with their actions, all cards are revealed. That one who has the highest score wins.


If a player gets an Ace and any card valued by 10 - he wins automatically.

Those who scored more than 21 during hitting lose immediately. Read more about terms in blackjack glossary.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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