Variations of Blackjack Card Games

Blackjack card games have long and complicated history. And that's why it is not surprising that blackjack rules mutated, changed and tangled during their spreading over the world. Here we'll shortly deal with most popular of them:


  • A blackjack card game often played in Britain. Rather interesting variant for those who want trying the closest variant of the old French Vingt-en-Un. You can play this blackjack variant with two or more players, but in general 5-8 players are recommended.

Las Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • A very similar variant of standard blackjack is Las Vegas Strip. But for understanding you'll need to learn basic rules first. This modification suits for those who wish to try something new

Super Fun 21

  • A variation of blackjack, considerably differing from the original. It is much freer and allows player and dealer more options comparing to standard blackjack.

Blackjack Switch

  • A blackjack card game which is much alike standard blackjack, but with one significant feature: you can switch cards between your hands in order of reaching the most efficient combination.

Double Attack

  • One of the unique blackjack variations is Double Attack. Like Superfun 21, the rules are rather different first of all because of 48 cards used (instead of 62) and there is an additional bet based on chance of the dealer's busting.

Spanish 21

  • A blackjack variant owned by Masque Publishing Inc., gaming publishing company which is based in Colorado. Like in Double Attack, 48 cards deck is used (a so-called Spanish deck). The rules differ from the basis considerably.

Double Exposure

  • This kind of blackjack is rather rare, but very profitable one. The real difference from the other variations is that both of the dealer's cards are exposed, so the player has much more information for making a right decision.

European blackjack

  • It is one of the most popular kinds of blackjack, especially popular it is in European countries, as it can be seen from the name of the variation. It is played by standard blackjack rules, but uses two decks of cards.

Atlantic City Blackjack

  • In fact the Atlantic City Blackjack is played by basic rules, but there are a few moments that should be known to play successfully and avoid rule breaches or mishaps. This information is quite desirable to be known.

Single Deck Blackjack

  • In the last time the casinos began to offer single deck blackjack again after a long break. The newcomers in card games like it very much because they heard it is easier than regular one, but this cannot be true in many cases, because nearly all the casinos increased the house edge in this variation.

Multi-hand Blackjack

  • Multi-hand Blackjack is a new variant of playing this card game, but it uses the old rules which refer to Atlantic City Blackjack. It is played as it if it was plain single Blackjack, but players can bet as up-to five hands.

Online Blackjack

  • A lot of online casinos offer now an online blackjack card game, and depending on the casino you can choose the blackjack variations you want to play - starting with classic blackjack and ending with some exotic kinds of this marvelous game.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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