Australian blackjack - How to play it

This kind of game is often played in Australia. It is really alike with traditional blackjack rules which refer to Asia and Europe. Like in those two mentioned the hole card is not taken by the dealer. Moreover, in case of dealer's blackjack there are a few options to be followed by which are pre-determined in the beginning of the game. We'll speak about it in the "Rules" section.

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Australian Blackjack is a popular card game mostly because of its rules which allow player depending on the casino not to lose big sums of money which were bet. The only thing that the dealer can get is the initial bet of the player, and it does not depend whether the hand was split or doubled.

This means that losing is not as large as it could be in the case of standard blackjack, but the winnings can still remain considerable. Let's look closer to the options which make Australian Blackjack a really nice game to be played.


If a player splits or doubles, and dealer gets a blackjack after it, there are 4 options to be made further:

OBO - means Original Bets Only: dealer takes only original player's bet, not depending on the player's actions on the bet. Doubling and splitting is allowed under this rule, and the player may not be afraid to lose more than his initial bet, and is able at the same time to win money which exceed his initial bet twice or more.

ENHC - means European no Hole Card: Under this option dealer doesn't get a hole card and when all the players finished with their hands he deals second card and plays as usual.

BB+1 - means Busted Bets Plus One: in case of this option dealer takes all busted bets. But to those bets a unit is added from everything what the player may have after splitting or doubling.

OBBO - means dealer gets Original and Busted Bets Only, and in addition - each unbusted hand pays 1 unit.

  • Doubling is allowed from 9 to 11 only
  • Doubling after splitting allowed
  • No surrender
  • Number of decks may variate from casino to casino
  • Dealer may either hit or stand on soft 17s
  • Aces can be resplitted


The payouts except to the dealer's blackjack are same as in general rules. If you have met some new words to you it's recommended to see blackjack glossary.


Australian Blackjack is a profitable blackjack variation often played in Australian Casinos, and if you occur to meet it somewhere outside Australia you are strongly recommended to play it.

Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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