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Blackjack Tips while playing blackjack are most effective and logical moves which are checked by time and thousands of players. Sometimes players get so much excitement that they forget most common facts that should be known for sure and must be used not depending on anything. So let's look over the general tips which have to be learnt thoroughly and followed by not depending on the blackjack game or casino you are playing at. If you are unsure which online casino to choose, check out the top casinos picked by the experts at!


Here are a few blackjack tips which will help you not to lose and keep the equality between you and casino:

  • For novices the most appropriate advice is to play first in a free mode in any of casinos online. They have a practice mode or auto-play with hints, which are absolutely necessary to know before starting playing for real money.
  • Choose a table: the minimum bet allowed at the table must not exceed 5% of your total cash. This helps because you can have much more time in case of spending money, and it's a way better than just to come to the table, squander all cash in one or two circles and be done.
  • Always stick to the basic strategy. No matter how good or bad things go it is the most valuable advice which can be given to any player: always take hits on any hands below 17 when dealer has any 10-valued card, 9 or 8. Those are cards which probably won't let the dealer bust.
  • Remember your aim: it is getting 21 points without busting. Don't try to beat the dealer: you will bust more often than win.
  • A pair of Aces or 8s should always be split, but never split any 10-valued cards. All 8s and 7s should be split in case of dealer's equal or lower cards.
  • Insurance is used in card counting, but in online mode card counting does not work, so just forget about insurance.
  • The values of cards should be always taken into consideration: hit option is to be taken until reached 17 or higher and hit is also to be chosen while having soft 18 if dealer shows any 10-valued card.
  • Doubling is very important: always choose doubling when having 10 or 11 against dealer's 9.
  • Don't forget about stake variating: if you win, the stake is to be higher, if you lose - it has to be lower.


Those are main blackjack tips which should be used while playing any kind of blackjack variations. Play not always with pleasure, but with your brains and luck will come to you.

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Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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