Best blackjack games and movies - what to choose

It has been already a lot of movies made on the gambling topics. Some of them are professional and good films to see and some are just foolishly made pictures which are worth just laughing at. In this section we would like to offer you the best films about blackjack which were released in the history of cinematography. The first one and one of the best is

“21”, 2008

(2008) – a fairy movie based on the true story of MIT team, a group of ingenious students who formed a blackjack-playing team and used their own unique techniques of counting cards while playing. This brought them money and excitement, and that were only the first steps to real money…

“Jinxed”, 1982

(1982) – A black comedy touching the theme of casino gambler, a lounge singer, a lout with whom she lives, a young blackjack dealer being jinxed by the lout…

“Croupier”, 1998

(1998) – a tremendously gambling-atmosphered film, quietly exciting and nervous, showing a casino itself from inside out and keeping the spectator thrilled all the time. A very good film to watch, especially for those who like gambling.

“Black Jack”, 2003

(2003) – a well-written and well-mounted drama with outstanding actors and performances. A principled cop, a single father with problems and a special emotional world…

“Rain Man”, 1988

(1988) - this movie is considered to be one of the most popular Hollywood movies where the Blackjack topic is touched. A comedy-drama telling the story of a selfish yuppie Charles Babbitt, who gets known that his father after death left all the millions to his brother Raymond sick with autism, whose existence was a surprise for Charlie…

Here are a few blackjack books that should be read by all means:

”Beat the Dealer” , Edward O Thorp – a Bible for any card counter who wants to get knowledge complexly and gradually, knowing what is what and what were the beginnings. A very interesting book about history of card counting.

”Theory of Blackjack”, Peter Griffin, a book that must be read by anyone considering himself being a card counter. The books shows out the mathematical principles of blackjack.

”Basic Blackjack”, Stanford Wong – a great book for a novice to begin studying card counting and principal strategies in Blackjack. Also the book covers almost all known variations of blackjack. Recommended.


Here are most important movies and books which are worth being dealt to. We wish your luck sincerely in your future games.

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