Double Exposure - How to Play, Rules and Facts

In fact, nothing special may single out a kind of blackjack called Double Exposure. Though it is much similar to standard blackjack rules, it can be found in casinos very rarely. Why? Actually there is only one feature that allows to name this game unique and place it as a separate blackjack variation rather than just a simple casino rule declination: the dealer shows both his cards instead of traditional one, and that allows much more space for thinking over and making a decision.


Of course, lots and lots of gamblers entirely adore this blackjack variation, especially taking into consideration rarity of meeting it in all kinds of casinos. They consider it to be a highly profitable game and as the practice shows it is really like that.

But a lot of novices who read or heard about this game start playing it headlong, without even seen and thinking over an elementary strategy, considering it to be unnecessary. And in vain, as also the practice shows.

Because besides player's advantage in seen both dealer's hands, there are a few rule variations that practically equate both dealer's and player's chances. Let's get down to them closely.


The rules are practically identical to the basis, so we won't repeat them once more, and stop only on that very moments which are of interest:

  • Dealer wins in case of all ties, except when the player has Blackjack.
  • Splitting is allowed once only - no re-splitting allowed.
  • Dealer deals both of his cards face up, so that all players may see them.
  • No insurance allowed.

All other manipulations while playing are same as in standard blackjack -players make their bets, everyone, including the dealer, is dealt two cards. Basing on the first two cards received players decide whether to stand, to hit, to split or to double down. Both of the dealer's cards are revealed, and that's why insurance bet is unavailable.


  • Blackjack is paid even money.

All other payouts are same as in classical rules of blackjack.


Well, many people like Double Exposure exactly for opening of the both dealer's cards. This gives a lot of chancing, thinking and guessing about the next move to make. In any case it's a game which is worth being played in and if you occur to come over one, you may start playing it without hesitation. Also it's preferable to read about Australian Blackjack, as far as it's a very profitable variation either.

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