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There is an interesting fact: depending on its geographical location blackjack is played by most common variations which are inherent exactly to that very region where it appeared. There are even sites in different languages on which you can play blackjack online. For instance, there are casinos that cater to Arabic speaking players, and there are places for Swedish players.

Chinese Blackjack

For example, a lot of people in South East Asia like to play Chinese Blackjack, which is very uncommon and interesting game. It can hardly be named a Blackjack game at all because of its intricate and cunning rules, which allow players and dealer making unpredictable moves and encountering a rich variety of combinations.

Australian Blackjack

This kind of game is often played in Australia. It is really alike with traditional blackjack rules, but concerning the dealer in case when he doubles, splits or gets a blackjack in Australian Blackjack there are 4 unique options which allow player not to lose money.

Spanish 21

A game that originates from Spain. It is played with 48-cards Spanish deck with all 10s removed. Is often considered as unprofitable blackjack game because using of such a deck results in a big casino advantage. Still there are different opinions on Spanish 21 you can read in appropriate section.


This game is also called Sette-e-Mezzo, and this game originates from Italy where it was probably born and is considered to be one of the ancestors of modern blackjack or “21”. It used its own values for each card in the deck but the principle was similar to blackjack – to score 7 ½ points without busting.


This game is hugely popular in France and in other parts of Europe, though it is not worldwide known card game. Its name if translated means Thirty and Forty. Dealer is called a croupier. A determined system of bet colors and card rows are used in Trente-et-Quarante, and there is a similar to blackjack aim – to get as close as possible to 31 points.

Quinze Card Game

Quinze is a gambling card game which is similar to blackjack and it has been quite popular in France in 1800s. In this blackjack-principled game but the score which has to be reached is 15, not 21 like in standard blackjack. Aristocracy in France played Quinze often, studying tables and – what is quite interesting – wearing masks, cause they didn’t want anyone to see their emotions.

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Short article on blackjack tips

Comparing to various casino games blackjack tips are crucial for players as this game is highly complicated and demands versatile knowledge.

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