Blackjack Help and Glossary - Chief Terms to Know

This is a blackjack help section where we are going to deal with the words which may seem incomprehensible and obscure to a novice in blackjack. Here we'll explain most frequently used terms and words used in casinos and among experienced blackjack players. Note: all the words explained here are up-to-date and applied both in land-based and online casinos, and will help you to play blackjack without problems.

Game object

The game of blackjack goes between the player and dealer. Your (the player's) aim is to reach 21 point without exceeding this number. The dealer's aim is the same. The closest result wins.

Card Values

Cards are scored in the following way:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - give same number of score points as they are valued

10, J, Q, K - give 10 points

Ace - is valued either as 1 or 11.


Dealing means simply giving a card to a player by the dealer. Each player is dealt two cards in the beginning of a game. Also two cards are dealt to the dealer.

Here is a list of words which will help you to play blackjack:

BLACKJACK or NATURAL - means a combination of firs two cards scoring totally 21. It can be an Ace and any 10-valued card. Blackjack wins automatically. In case of dealer's blackjack it's a tie, which is solved differently depending on blackjack card games variations you play.

BET - an amount of money which is going to be a reward for winning. The bet is determined by a player at the beginning of a game

HIT - an option that allows the player being dealt one more card, if he is not satisfied with his score

STAND - an option which means that the player is satisfied with his score and has finished with his hand

SPLIT - an option which allows splitting two cards of equal value and playing two hands simultaneously. The value of cards which are allowed to split is determined by blackjack variation you are playing.

DOUBLE DOWN - an option which allows doubling down the bet on your first two cards. After doubling down the player is dealt only one more additional card and he automatically stands after doubling regardless if he is satisfied with his score or not

HOLE CARD - dealer's card which is dealt face down, so it cannot be seen by other players until they finish with their hands.

INSURANCE - If dealer's up card is an Ace, he asks beforehand all the players for insurance bet. It consists of half of your current bet. If dealer has a Blackjack, it is paid 2:1

BUST - a term which means that either dealer or player has overcome the threshold of 21 points. That one who occurred to bust loses immediately.

SURRENDER - if a player quietly dislikes his cards, he may surrender. In such case he takes half of his initial bet back, and half is lost. A rare option in all casinos.


We hope that if you were looking for blackjack help you found it here. These are main terms which are most frequently met in casinos. All other depend on the country, and the blackjack variation which is played. Also please read basic blackjack rules - they will surely help you.

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