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Blackjack is a popular and fun game to play which has seen many new versions being created. There are many alternatives to the classic game that provide an interesting twist to the classic with additional features to challenge blackjack player’s skills or just widen your love of the game by playing different versions. A great alterative to the classic blackjack game is Zero Blackjack, which see’s many new additional features being added to provide a great fun twist on the original.

The object of any blackjack game is to have a hand that totals exactly 21 to beat the dealer, or to be closes to 21 than the dealers hand is. Additional features to Zero Blackjack include the option of the Suited Natural Blackjack; this is where the player’s first two cards deal already total 21 and are the same suit (such as the ace and jack of hearts). This option pays out 2:1 rather than the 3:2 pay out for a standard Blackjack game. A Suited Natural Blackjack will still not beat a standard blackjack hand however.

Another additional feature is the option to get a 5-card 21. This is where the player has a total of 21 points after taking exactly 5 cards, and has a pay-out of 2:1. Although a 5-card 21 still doesn’t beat a blackjack, it beats any dealer drawn 21 as the rule doesn’t apply to the dealer. A 5-card 21 will ‘push’ against a player who has achieved 21 but has less than 5 cards.

The additional features to Zero Blackjack make it a fun alternative to the classic game, and is great for players who’ve developed their blackjack skills and want to continue to test themselves.

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