High/Low strategy - Is it Worth Using?

The strategy of High and Low card counting is known to be most frequently used by players of blackjack, and the game itself shows on practice that it is fully beatable when applied the right strategy.

High and Low appears to be one of the most favorable strategies because of its simplicity. Many people still think that card counting is an unreal strategy for wunderkinds who have photographic memory and super-sharp eyes combined with superhuman calculating skills.

The real life is much simpler. In the section of general card counting we offered you an example of a game where High/Low strategy is used. Let's watch one more example basing on same strategy. Let it be a game of European Blackjack with 2 players against a dealer.


Once more:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - get +1 point to the counter

7, 8, 9 - get +0 to the counter

10, J, Q, K, A - get -1 to the counter

Simple Example

The cards are dealt. You have an ace and a 9. Hand total is 20. You choose to stand.

Second player gets 10 and 3. He chooses to hit. Gets an 8. He reaches 21 and stands automatically.

The dealer's first card is an 8. He deals one more and it's an Ace. He hits, and next card appears to be 7. Dealer hits, and the next card is K. Dealer busts. You win, second player also wins.

And the counter in your head must work quickly and make out such a formula: -1(A)+0(9)=(-1) total - it was your own hand. Now second player's hand: -1(10)+1(3)+0(8)=0. Total has not changed. The last is the dealer: 0(8)-1(A)+0(7)-1(K)=(-2). Total score is -3 now all in all. Everyone is ready for the next round.

Remember - what kind of Blackjack are you playing? Right, European. And how many decks has it? Two.

So the running count is -3. To make it true let's divide it into 2 by the number of decks used. Here we go -1, 5. Not really a good score. In the next round it is preferable not even to enlarge, but to lower the bet a bit, because several 10-valued cards have left the game and it's always unprofitable to the player.

If the counter goes even worse in the next circles - the advice is either to lower the bet to the minimum or just to leave the table.


This was a simple example of using a high/low strategy in blackjack, and it is one of the simplest and most effective to use. Of course, Blackjack game itself goes very sharp and in the first time it's difficult to remember and to count all the cards dealt to, but it comes with practice shortly and if used is noticed to work automatically.

Short article on blackjack tips

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