Blackjack and other casino games - General Comparison

Why are blackjack card games so popular? If you say that blackjack is probably most popular among casino card games in general, you'll be absolutely right. And its glory came to blackjack not for vain.

Blackjack itself is a game for smart people. Even no - smart people in casino are more willing to play blackjack than something else. Not only because it's challenging and competitive, and not because of wild excitement it gives to the player in the process of dealing cards and hitting. Why then?

The Difference

A lot of gambling games exist. Slots, roulette, baccarat, keno - all those games are proposed widely in all casinos and they promise wonderful jackpots in all cases - just play and win! But still casinos live richly on these games and a rare person can be met who really in a total result won in these games more than lost.

And it's not a surprise. All above-mentioned games are often shown as games which give wonderful jackpots to the winners, but the winners happen to come too rare. Luck does not always come to gamblers, and if you ask one if he or she really won a lot of money they may remember one or two significant sums but in total the huge number of small losses which are usually not that perceptible is more than the little number of big winnings, and the difference is denominated in more than serious sums of money. Luck is fickle, and there is nothing more to add to it.


But blackjack is different. Not that it has no luck at all and that it totally favors the player - the matter is in a short mathematical law which was perfectly used by legendary MIT-team: it case of IDEAL strategy used by the player and availability of a sign system by which players may interact and communicate with each other the blackjack card game is COMPLETELY beatable if wanted.

Of course in every particular blackjack variation a definite, most effective strategy is to be used. It may take some time and a bit of wit to remember it and to apply, but when applied in a right way it WILL give result to the smart player. It has been already proven by a lot of gamblers. Main problem remains in that few people have enough will and temper to master the necessary strategy.


Casino games are games of luck, and the result does not depend on you at all. Blackjack game is a game of wit, skills and only a bit of luck. Suppose you'll make right conclusions and play right games. Good luck to you!


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