Bankroll Management - Principles and Main Facts

Sometimes even experienced blackjack players do foolish mistakes that make them lose. What is especially interesting is that they do not actually analyze their own childish mistakes and blame the game itself instead of blaming themselves. Here we shall look at the most common mistakes which are made by blackjack players and give you some advice on the bankroll management. It's also advised to see blackjack tips.

Emotions Control

A lot of gamblers are quite hot-tempered personalities. It means that at some moments the human stops listening to its brains and begins following the thrilling way of his heart, perfect "intuition" and emotions.

It's wrong. No matter how the game goes you should follow the basic strategy in all cases. Not sometimes, not from time to time, but all the time. You should suppress your emotions and your intuition to follow the way they prompt you. Follow the basic strategy and leave your emotions and temperament behind. And if you don't - then don't surprise on what follows your intuitive moves.

Managing Funds

A very important thing to remember - you have to own enough money to make a long-term game. It means that your bankroll is to be strictly controlled and well-calculated according to the table and the casino you play at.

You should always be aware that you cannot win all the hands. It's just impossible. Be ready that it will be circles where you will win money and it will be ones where you lose your money. And your task is to reduce your losses to the possible cash minimum and maximize cash on the hands you won.

Managing Bankroll

Here is a few invaluable advice:

  • Always have will to leave the casino. Sometimes it's very difficult to be done, especially when a considerable sum of money has left inside. But believe that it's better to lose part of that money than to leave absolutely bankrupt. A good advice is to say to yourself "I'll leave after losing 50$ once more". Remember, not "I'll leave after winning 50$ once more", that won't do.
  • It's better to split your funds in small pieces. For example, a 100$ is good to be divided into 5$ blackjack bets, and if unfortunately you lose all 20 hands, you should leave the casino, because such days may happen. And do not get out of your pocket another 100$.
  • Always be ready that you can lose all the bankroll you have. Such variant is possible and you should always have a stash of money which is not assigned for casino games.


Remember these rules well and let them be absolutely obligatory when visiting a land-based or casinos online to play online blackjack, and may you luck be good.

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